Shift your mindset.

Change your life.







kick self-doubt and fear out the door so you can build your dream biz with confidence and ease!

It’s about crafting the life of your daydreams, getting confident and lighting up from the inside, turning your creative vision into bold action, breaking out of the loop of self-doubt and fear and changing for good.

“Doubt will kill more dreams, than failure ever will.” – Suzy Kassem

That’s the power of your mind. What you believe to be true, will come true.

Believe you’re a failure, and you will fail.

Believe you can’t do it, and you never will.

What if you could take back the power over your mind? What if you could turn self-doubt into confidence and fear into excitement?

What if YOU could be in charge of your success?

Hey there, I’m Hanna, and I’m here to hand you the key to the most powerful resource you have for turning your dreams into reality – your MIND.

I can help you show self-doubt and fear the middle finger, build up your confidence and transform goals into action steps so that you can turn your passion project into a profitable heart-centred success.

Success is only a mindset shift away!

I know you dream of turning your passion into a dream business, but you’re drowning in to-dos, feeling overwhelmed and confused, ready to throw in the towel. You’re afraid of giving it your all and failing. Afraid that you’re not good enough to succeed.

If you’re not ready to settle for a boring 9-5, craving to create change for yourself and others, tired of letting your entrepreneurial dreams simmer on the back burner, then let’s work together to clean up the mental mess that’s clogging up your success.

break through the barriers standing in the way of your big dreams and get the tools you need to create success on your own terms.

Before I started working with Hanna I didn’t even know what a business coach was. I certainly didn’t understand how one could help me, and now I wish I’d met her much, much sooner! With online businesses, it’s so easy to feel isolated and alone, because there’s no one to bounce ideas off of, or even talk to. I’ve been driving myself mad trying to figure everything out on my own, trying to know how to do everything, and trying to have all the answers, but it’s impossible. She’s helped me with EVERYTHING (and probably some things she didn’t even sign up for). She’s helped me nail down who exactly I should be talking to, what I should be doing to market my product, even what images or copy I should be using. She’s also helping me identify and work through my self-defeating (and business defeating) thoughts and decisions. You won’t be sorry you worked with her. In fact, you’ll probably just be angry you didn’t do it sooner!

Dyan Fox

Founder of Small But Mighty Books

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