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Welcome to the Dreamer Society! Yes, you creative spirit, you. I’m glad you’ve found your way here.

You are not just a girl with a dream. You are a woman with a vision.

And that vision is big. Bold. And scary. Honestly, you’re not even sure it’s possible. Not for you anyway. Why? Because that little mean voice inside your head said so.

The inner critic lives in all of us, and while we are planning how to turn our dream into a reality, they are busy coming up with 101 excuses why we CAN’T DO IT.

Kick self-doubt and fear out the door, and show your inner critic who’s boss!

I know how scary it is to chase your dream. How overwhelming it is to build your own business. How hard it is to take action despite fear. It’s frustrating at times. Heck, it feels impossible at times! I’ve talked to many women who long to take a step closer to their dream life and business (just like you), but seem to get stuck over and over again.


Imagine busting through the mental and emotional boundaries keeping you stuck, and walking confidently towards your dreams.

Imagine finally saying “Screw the 9-5!” and loving Monday mornings because you can’t wait to get back to working on your business.

Imagine being confident in your abilities and becoming your own number one fan – knowing exactly what you need to do to create the impact and income you want. Picture living that big scary vision of yours. Only, not being scared, but being excited.


Your mindset.

Everything you need to turn visions into plans and reach your goals is hidden in your head. Your thoughts become your actions. And your actions create your future.

Is your mindset supporting your dreams right now? Or are you knee deep in self-doubt and fear, scared to fail? Maybe you notice you keep over-analysing your every move and it’s getting you nowhere fast. Or you’re simply overwhelmed with all the information and don’t know what steps to take in which order.

Well, my dear creative soul, I’m here to change all that. Inside the Dreamer Society, I’ll help you create the right mindset for success and craft a plan to confidently turn dreams into reality.

Want to learn more about me?

Hi, I’m Hanna Saar, the Mindset and Strategy Coach behind the Dreamer Society.

I’m lit up by helping women like you ditch self-doubt and fear, shift their mindset and get confident in their life and business, so they can take bold steps in the direction of their dreams.

I want to help you feel empowered, fulfilled, satisfied with yourself, successful within your business, and in love with your life.

My background in psychology and knowledge in both Cognitive-Behavioural and Solution-Focused Therapy gives me the tools to help you create powerful shifts in your thinking that have ripple effects in every area of your life and business.

I can turn “manifesting” and “creating abundance” into action-steps that will make sense.

I’ll hand you the key to the wonderful and complex world of your mind, and teach you the tools to conquer it.

Want to know what makes me so passionate about helping others pursue their dreams?

Let me take you on my own dream journey.

As long as I can remember, I always wanted to become a famous singer. Unfortunately, I developed extreme stage fright already as a little girl. By the time puberty hit, it was almost impossible for me to step on a stage without feeling, no, BELIEVING I might die.

Eventually, the fear got so debilitating that I decided to give up my dream. I had never felt smaller. I had to find a new dream. Luckily, I’m a multi-passionate person. So I turned to what seemed like the most reasonable career of all my interests – psychology. I excelled at my studies, but something was still missing.

When I was assigned to sing a solo at a choir competition, my anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was nauseous (a big understatement) every time we rehearsed. I was about ready to give up, when I decided to seek help from one of my university professors.

The two sessions I had with my professor completely changed the course of my life. I finally realised that I could beat my anxiety and still become the singer I’d always wanted to be.

I had my dream back! A year later, I enrolled in a music school to study singing and I’ve never looked back.

That decision propelled me forward to take even more courageous steps and build the life I really wanted, instead of having the one I thought I was supposed to have.

I never want anybody to give up on their dream just because they haven’t found the right kind of support. I’m here to tell you that those rainbow-colored unicorn dreams of yours – they CAN come true!

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