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5 Steps to Get Confident on Video

As an online business owner, you probably know all about the power of video content. You know how it builds the know, like and trust factor, you know the wonders it can do for your SEO, and you know how people love consuming video over text these days. You know all of...

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10 Ways to Save Time in Your Business

As a small business owner or solo entrepreneur, you're constantly wearing a million hats. You're the CEO,  the marketing director, the sales director, the production manager, the copy writer AND the copy editor, the assistant, administrator and customer service...

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How to Get Into a Can-Do Mindset

Let's chat mindset today! Mk, Dreamer? When it comes to tackling our goals, we can approach it with either the mindset of CAN or the mindset of CAN'T. The first is the mindset of opportunity. We focus on all the ways we will make it happen - everything we can do to...

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How to Set Goals that Keep You Motivated

We're all eager to set new goals and make resolutions when the new year rolls around. Man, are we motivated to kick some butt and take action! We can already envision ourselves at the top of the mountain, feeling invincible. This is going to be the best year ever,...

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7 Ways to Find Time To do Everything

Do you ever wish there were ways to find time to do everything? Because, really, there never seems to be enough hours in the day, right? Sometimes you wake up in the morning and already dread the day will pass too quickly, knowing that you won't get everything checked...

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