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6 Epic Productivity Tips for Mompreneurs (by Mompreneurs)

As a new mom, I experienced first hand what it meant to add a baby to my otherwise pretty productive business and life mix. The result?

Utter chaos for the first 3 months of her life! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how do other mom entrepreneurs do this? Juggling the daily demands of my business with the demands of an infant felt pretty near impossible.

Sure, I’ve heard that there’s such a thing as nap-time, but frankly, with a colicky baby, I hadn’t really experienced this wonderful phenomenon up until very recently.

“There must be some secret tips that I don’t know about,” I thought to myself. So I went on a mission to find out what those secret tips were and reached out to 5 successful mompreneurs who are rocking both their business and their life as awesome moms.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new mom trying to build a brand new business, or you have 3 kids and you’re trying to grow your empire small business, these tips can help you get more done in less time.

And we all know that a productive mompreneur is both a happy mom and a successful entrepreneur.

Find out what 6 successful mompreneurs are doing to get more done in their business while juggling life with kids


” My top productivity tip for mompreneurs is to get crystal clear on where you are going and do something each day to get there.

First ask yourself: Where do you want to be in 3 months?

Then, set 3 goals. One for family, one for business and one for personal.

Next, make a list of EVERYTHING you need to do today. This could be house hold stuff, business, & kids. Then cross off EVERYTHING that is not related to the goals you have set. It’s okay to let go and procrastinate on the unimportant stuff (seriously, even if the microwave stays dirty, everyone will live).

Pick one thing that will move you one step closer to your goal to do each day. Sometimes there is one thing that will make everything else easier.

That is your priority, go do it right now.

The rest of the to do list is totally optional as long as you have done the one thing that will bring you closer to your goals you are on track.

The next day create a list of all of the things you need to do again and identify the one thing that will move you closer to that goal and do it.

Lastly, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your value comes from who you are as a person, not what you “should do”. Let go of the should and focus on the things that make YOU happy, fulfill you and really matter to you. That’s why setting goals is important. “

Mariana Ruiz

Business Coach,


” Before I got really clear on who I was serving, my day was really me just running around in circles. I wasn’t sure who I was speaking to, my website was lackluster and marketing would take me hours. Even the simple task of coming up with one blog post made me overthink it.

Once I got really clear on who my dream clients are, everything fell into place. So now when I sit down to work on my business I can easily create, which saves me time. I no longer sit aimlessly on social media. I’m so much more focused on what I do. “


” I would say that as far as time and productivity go, having a system in place for everything is the key to my business success. Although it took more time on the front end, I created a system for everything from on-boarding, welcoming new clients, sending my clients off fully prepared to following up with past clients.

Doing this made my business run smoothly because it was mostly rinse and repeat for the major tasks and I could concentrate all my energy on giving my clients the attention they deserve. “

Rita Morales

Brand Designer & Strategist,


” My top productivity tip used to be to make lists. I slowly began to realise, though, that my lists turned into more papers. There were no priorities being made around the lists, and eventually, I got overwhelmed.

What I would recommend is using Trello to get all your tasks organised. It’s free and super easy to use! It’s a way to organise your lists in order to visually see where everything is, and to make sure you don’t forget about anything!

I throw both business AND personal things on there – so I never forget something in either world – especially when life happens!

Here’s how I organise my Trello board:

  1. Create a Master List of things that need to be done. Use this to just brain dump EVERYTHING swimming around your head.
  2. Use the color labels to organize them (red for me is ‘not started’, yellow is ‘started’, and purple is ‘phone call’)
  3. Create categories for each day of the week that you work. (Mine has Monday through Friday)
  4. Begin moving the cards around to schedule out your week

This has helped me to take my GIANT to-do lists and make them feel like I’m making progress and actually completing items. It also helps me to see just how busy I am! ”

Britt Hyatt

Owner + Website Designer, Home Sweet Hyatt Studios


” I always make it a point to schedule everything – from my everyday responsibilities as a Mom to my business tasks as a Virtual Assistant.

Before going to sleep, I create time frames for different tasks that need to get done the next day. Then I schedule in what I should I do during any given time slot.

This way, I can spend more time with my family and still be successful in my chosen career. And all of it without sacrificing my health. Talking about being productive on a day-to-day basis!

But when things just don’t go my way, I immediately adjust or think of another way to finish my responsibilities for that day. Despite the crazy scheduling, flexibility should always be there! ”

Andrea Alva F. Viernes

Social Media Manager, LeBrun Advisory Group


” Do you ever feel like you spend so much time working, and at the end of the day, you don’t have much to show for it?

It sometimes happens to the best of us, but how do we invest less time and get more in return? Here’s my simple trick:

Try spending 90 minutes or less on the same task.

After 90 minutes our attention span becomes limited and we aren’t as productive as we were in that 90 minute window. So, set an alarm or be aware of your time window and stick to it. You can always come back to that task after you’ve switched gears and focused on something else in between.

Have a large task to tackle? Go 90 minutes on, then either take a 30 minute break, or fill the void with a smaller task, then go back at the larger task for another 90 minutes. You’ll also come back with a fresh, renewed set of eyes to catch mistakes or have a clearer picture of your final product. Talk about extra benefits, right? “

Gabriella Darroch

Life Coach, Gabriella Darroch Coaching

Whew! That’s a lot of tips right there!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got to go and implement some of it and this way, hopefully my next blog post isn’t going to appear in another 3 months.

Now I’d like to hear from you!

What’s the one tip you’re taking away from this? And, if you’re a mompreneur, share your best tips in the comments as well!

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