Client Love

Working with Hanna was wonderful! Hanna is so kind and made me feel safe to share all the problems and fears that were coming up.

I was amazed by the results I saw after working with Hanna!

I feel more confident marketing my business knowing that the only one telling me I couldn’t do it was me.  Instead of letting my inner critic run wild telling me negative things about myself, I’m able to question those thoughts and work through them.

I’ve made so much progress it’s almost hard to remember where I was when we started.

Sarah Anderson

Copywriter, Spitfire Scribe

When I first started my coaching process with Hanna I felt completely overwhelmed by ideas and thoughts.

She helped me create structure in my life to give me the freedom to grow and evolve within the structure.

The results were huge! I was able to push past my limiting beliefs and became clear on what was important to focus on- focus was a huge thing for me to learn and Hanna helped me learn that.

I am a multi-passionate creative and i try and do everything. Working with Hanna helped me to slow down and really face what was important to focus on in order to truly make an impact.

Amanda Heidel


I loved my session with Hanna! I am clearer on where my confidence struggles lay and that, along with Hanna’s tips, is going to help me overcome all those obstacles.

My favourite part was when she said “Anything good that happens to you is your fault.” I also loved the actionable part and how she is keeping me accountable.

I would love to recommend Hanna, because she is light-hearted and obviously knows her stuff.

She made it feel like a conversation with a very smart friend instead of a normal coaching session.

Isabel Pinaud

Graphic Designer and Branding Expert

Before I started working with Hanna I didn’t even know what a business coach was. I certainly didn’t understand how one could help me, and now I wish I’d met her much, much sooner! With online businesses, it’s so easy to feel isolated and alone, because there’s no one to bounce ideas off of, or even talk to. I’ve been driving myself mad trying to figure everything out on my own, trying to know how to do everything, and trying to have all the answers, but it’s impossible. She’s helped me with EVERYTHING (and probably some things she didn’t even sign up for). She’s helped me nail down who exactly I should be talking to, what I should be doing to market my product, even what images or copy I should be using. She’s also helping me identify and work through my self-defeating (and business defeating) thoughts and decisions. You won’t be sorry you worked with her. In fact, you’ll probably just be angry you didn’t do it sooner! Dyan Fox

Founder, Small But Mighty Books

I booked a session with Hanna because I have the desire to achieve my dreams. The session was exactly what I expected! I learned that I had all the answers I needed inside me, I just wasn’t tapping into my resources.

From Hanna, I received the accountability and the motivation to kick myself into gear. I would highly recommend working with Hanna, as she shares a lot of valuable information in an easy-to-understand and motivational way.

Raewyn Smith

Blogger and Self-Love Coach, Be a Warrior Queen

I reached out to Hanna because I lacked confidence in running my own business.

The coaching session I had with Hanna far exceeded my expectations, because I got so much value from just one call.

Hanna was so down to earth and engaging, and made me feel comfortable about sharing because there was no judgement about how I felt. I gained a sense of clarity and a new way to acknowledge my feelings.

Natasha Eutrope

Meditation Teacher, Sacred Idleness

I was very excited about my business when I started working with Hanna but I was unsure of how to get to where I wanted to go.

I saw the big picture but was having trouble breaking it down into actionable steps. I also had no fear or reservations, so I wasn’t prepared when those things came up.

Having Hanna helped me work through those things quickly, she gave me a ton of tips and tricks to get through my mindset issues.

Hanna was also so helpful in teaching me how to breakdown my big idea, I had never done that before and now I have a year plan written out and broken down into sections. I feel more organized than ever and ready to take on the upcoming year!

Frannie Coggeshall

Dazed Adventures

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