A practical guide for leveraging

your mind to get what you want



You know what’s worse than ending your month with a big fat zero on your sales spreadsheet?

Knowing it’s because you lack the confidence to propel your business forward.

Imagine looking forward to your to-do list on Monday morning, because you know you’re going to knock it out of the park this week.

Later in the day, you’re having a sales call with a potential client over Skype, while sipping your double foam caramel latte you got on the way back from the coffee shop, and knowing you’re going to seal the deal because you are exactly the person she needs.

You’ll end your day feeling confident that what you did that day moved your business forward. You can feel the momentum building, your confidence growing, and the sweet sensation of making money doing what you love, and are damn good at.

Instead, you’re starting your days dreading to open your calendar because the to-do list owns your ass, and the thought of tackling that beast makes you want to crawl back to bed.

So, you open your email and read about how Mariah had another 6-figure launch (and how you can, too, in just 5 easy steps!) and you scribble it all down in your notebook of awesome business strategies that you never get around to implementing.

The fact is that you’re business is stuck and it’s NOT because you don’t have what it takes. Or because you haven’t opened that email newsletter from what’s-her-name finally letting you in on the super secret success formula yet.

It’s because of all the dementors inside your head, making you doubt your every move, sucking all productive energy and confidence right out of you.

You know, making you think things like:

“I’m not smart enough to build my own business.”

“I’m just going to disappoint my clients.”

“People can get the same stuff for free. Why would they ever buy from me?”

And then the inner Dolores Umbridge steps up to confirm your suspicions.

“Yes, building a business takes more than just skills.”

“Yes, I bet you really aren’t that good.”

“Yes, you’d better spend more time perfecting your offer. I don’t think it’s good enough yet.”

Well, it’s time to learn how to conjure your Patronus and say: “Why don’t you just SHUT UP, Dolores?”

(For those of you not fluent in Harry Potter, I’m talking about those sneaky limiting beliefs and that nasty inner critic always ready to dim our light when we start shining too bright.)

Get the “Change Your Mind” digitial workbook and spend the next 30 days shifting, untwisting and uplifting the way you think!

Since finishing the workbook, I have managed to stay positive and I’m finally learning that I can change how I feel. I would recommend this book to anyone suffering from self-doubt! The exercises help you look at the negative and change those thoughts to positive ones. Most importantly for me, I felt I wasn’t alone – other people had fear and hesitation in their lives too! 

Sharon Rowe

How to Get Organized At Home

  • Identify the mental blocks keeping you stuck so you can finish up your projects, tick of your to-do lists,  sell with heart, and show up with confidence in your business.
  • Learn to shift and reframe old thinking patterns and create new and effective ways to leverage your brain so you can build more momentum in your business and life.
  • Use the bite-sized insights and exercises to facilitate small breakthroughs every day so you can spend most of your time and energy on moving your business forward.
  • Become the master of your mind so you can create your own happiness!

The workbook was fabulous! I got tested in a big way midway through, but with the lessons I learned, I was able to have a better frame of mind and therefor a better outcome. It became easier to take a step back and evaluate my responses to situations, so I was able to use a better response. My mood improved, too! I would recommend this workbook to anyone who has tried to change their mindset before, but failed. The targeted exercises really get down to the heart of the matter!

Alicia Ludwig


I’m Hanna and I’ll help you change your mind so you can start feeling confident, believing in yourself, and finally become your own biggest fan!

Because that’s the real secret sauce to building a successful business.

That’s what turns procrastination into done and dusted.

That’s what attracts your ideal clients.

That’s what makes people buy from you.

Why should you learn from me?

I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology. I’m obsessed with the human brain and I know what makes it tick.

I have more than 5 years of entrepreneurial experience building 3 different business, so I’ve travelled that rocky road.

As a Mindset & Strategy Coach, I’ve helped my 1:1 coaching clients go from confused and frustrated to clear and confident and witnessed amazing breakthroughs.

This workbook was my first exploration of my mindset’s influence on my ability to manifest my dreams. I was feeling scattered, overwhelmed and frustrated with myself as I tried to move toward designing my dream business. After working through the 30 modules, I am more mindful of the roadblocks I create and how to respond to move past them. I still have much to do, but much progress has been made and now I have a plan, which makes me feel energized and positive! I would recommend this workbook to anyone who wants to take that first step toward realizing their dreams and potential.

Terry Rudasill

It’s like therapy, but without the ugly cries!

What will I get?
  • A beautifully designed digital, printable workbook with over 61 pages worth of insights and exercises to help you clear out the mental messes holding you back from success.
  • 5 printable quotes to hang in your office and get inspired by every day
  • You will also get the full workbook in a “fillable” PDF version, meaning you can work on it on your computer instead of printing it out.
Is this workbook right for me?

Yes! is the short answer.

Seriously, though, anyone can benefit from the exercises in this workbook.

In fact, you should print a copy for your spouse and your teenage kids, too (if you have any). Even your feline may appreciate these if you read them outloud to them.

Because wouldn’t we all want to feel clarity instead of confusion. See opportunities instead of limitations. Experience progress over procrastination. Have confidence instead of insecurity. Feel empowered to choose our emotions and reactions.

And all of that will pour into your business!

What would change for you if you felt, clear, confident and empowered in your business?

Would you finally take those steps you’ve been too scared to take?

Would you start being visible in a bigger way?

Would you commit to your message and your niche?

Would you follow-through with the strategies in your notebook?

Yes. Yes. Yes and yes!

What happens after I click "Buy Now"?

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The link to download your workbook files will be sent to your imbox immediately after purchase.

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